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Make smarter and faster decisions
Business nature verification, industry code classification, and industry risk analysis, all in a matter of minutes.
Consolidate data through comprehensive web searches.
No more juggling numerous browser tabs ever again. Automate all online research about the business with the most up to date summary of its products and services, business models and beneficial owners.
Entity web presence
Website verification
Products and services descriptions
Business models analysis
Beneficial Owners background information
Industry Risk Intelligence
Intelligent Industry Risk Decisioning.
Eliminate the need for manual labelling of high-risk customers with Accend's highly customisable industry risk AI model. We take your list of high-risk industries and train our model to align with your specific risk appetite. With an accuracy rate of over 90%, our model's performance is unparalleled in the industry.
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511210 - Software Publishers

511210 - Software Publishers

Industry risk


Automated industry code classification

Customizable industry risk model

Tailored compliance

Manage and analyze document request.
AI-powered document management for request, collection, classification, and analysis that seamlessly integrates into any part of your onboarding workflow.
Intelligent financial document spreading
Intelligent bank statement conversion & analytics
International incorporation document verification
Document-First account registration
Dynamic industry risk alerts and RFIs
more features
Powerful onboarding automation on a single platform.


Sanctions Check
Adverse Media
Address Verification
Report Drafting

How Pleo frees its operation team from repetitive manual research with Accend’s industry risk product

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Accend on this pioneering initiative to develop our AI-enabled KYC system. As Pleo continues to grow rapidly, our goal is to onboard more customers without adding operations headcount. With Accend's automated business nature and industry risk verification, we aim to free our analysts from repetitive manual research, enabling them to focus on quality assurance. We look forward to exploring many more innovative features together, further elevating our onboarding capabilities."

Dan Jacobson

Sr. Director, Head of Business Operations @ Pleo

Driving team efficiency, reducing over 80% of manual effort, and enhancing customer experience with Slope

"With Accend, we were able to not only find significant time savings with over 80% reduction in manual effort required, but also provide a superior experience to our customers."

Nick Heins

Head of Capital Markets @ Slope

How Decentro transformed its KYB process with Accend’s industry-leading AI

"Accend’s industry-leading SaaS for business evaluation and industry risk verification has helped automate our merchant onboarding process. Their innovative product has significantly enhanced efficiency, greatly improving the onboarding experience for our payment aggregation/collection customers. Accend’s team is also very responsive and quick with iterations, which is a huge plus"

Rohit Taneja

Co-Founder & CEO @ Decentro
Why choose Accend
Scale your onboarding and compliance at the same time.
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Effortless Onboarding

Use Accend to significantly accelerate onboarding & underwriting decisions, and win more customers.

Scalable Compliance

Get peace of mind with comprehensive business intelligence and an industry risk score accuracy of over 90%.

Customizable Industry Risk Model

Choose our ready to use AI Industry Risk Model, trusted by fintech leaders, or opt for a tailor-made model suited to your specific risk appetite.

Intelligent Spreading & Analytics

Boost your credit and underwriting analyses with our easy-to-use financial and bank statement spreading and analytics.

Security & Privacy
Building trust and protecting our Customers' Data is our highest priority.
Accend is committed to implementing industry-leading practices to ensure the integrity and security of our infrastructure and all operations throughout our company.
SOC 2 Type II
The Accend software platform has been evaluated by a third-party security auditor and is SOC 2 Type II compliant.
Accend complies with GDPR. We're happy to provide a Data Processing Agreement if your organization or use case requires it.
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