This page outlines the security policies and controls implemented by Accend to safeguard customer data as we provide guided workflow software for Know Your Business (KYB) reviews in the fintech industry. We understand the sensitive nature of the customer due diligence process and are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of our customers' data.


Accend's software converts fintech companies' existing Standard Operating Procedures for KYB reviews into interactive, guided digital workflows. These workflows automate parts of the manual review process through the use of conditional logic, document collection forms, and automated report generation. This improves efficiency and consistency for compliance teams.

While automating workflows provides major efficiency gains, it also requires strict security measures to protect the sensitive personal and financial data processed. Our security program is designed to enable secure automation while preventing unauthorized data access.

Security Controls

Access Controls

  • Role-based access control limits access to customer data
  • Multi-factor authentication or enterprise SSO required for all user logins


  • Data in transit protected by 256-bit TLS encryption
  • Data at rest encrypted using 256-bit AES

Data Handling

  • Usage logging and monitoring to detect anomalies
  • Data minimization limits collection to required info
  • Contracts prohibit unauthorized data usage

Infrastructure Security

  • Monthly vulnerability scans on all systems
  • Application security testing every release cycle through CI/CD
  • Hosted in SSAE-18 & SOC 2 certified data center


  • SOC 2 Type II
  • Scheduled internal and external audits

Customer Controls

  • Customers retain ownership and control of data
  • Self-service data retrieval and deletion
  • Option to set data retention periods


Maintaining customer trust through rigorous security is a prerequisite for everything we do. Please contact us to learn more about our security policies or to request additional technical details on our security architecture at